Sell-out at Blue Gum Summer Series

Thursday, 4 January 2007

Despite wet weather and a big orienteering event going on in NSW, over 200 people turned up to the Summer series event yesterday, exceeding both the organisers expectations and the supply of maps.

Top work by Paula and Mark in putting on the event on a day when they could have been enjoying the cricket. 

A good turnout of Big Foot stalwarts turned up to manage the crowds and (with some generous map-recycling) bread and fish was served to all.

Once again the BF mountain bike crowd turned up in big numbers to help at the event - foot orienteersing members should be ready to reciprocate come the OZ MTBO champs later this year.


1 480 Andrew Hill OM

480 Richard Mountstephens OM
3 420 Chad Armstrong OM
4 410 Richard Green OM

410 Joel Mackay OM
6 380 Matt Ryan OM
7 370 Nick Earl OM

370 Kar-Soon Lim OM

370 David Noble VM
10 360 Andy Simpson VM

360 Tom Moschitz OM

360 Brendan Hatton OM

360 Larry Weiss VM

360 Anthony Petterson OM

360 David Bray OM
16 350 Richard Lauder OM

350 Graeme Hill SVM

350 Andrew Glover OM

350 Pete Fallows OM

350 Mark Darvodelsky VM

350 Ryan Armstrong OM

350 Jaap Bakker OM

350 Jeremy Charles OM
24 340 Paul Heiskanen OM

340 Tim Petterson OM

340 Rob Mason

340 Neil Lefevre OM

340 Peter Annetts OM
29 330 Malcolm Bradley

330 Simon Manson OM

330 Ross Barr SVM
32 320 Karin Hefftner VW

320 Joel Haasdyk OM

320 Jim McLean VM

320 Gordon Wilson SVM

320 James McQuillan OM

320 Jim Merchant SVM

320 Chris Fielder OM

320 Andrew Lumsden VM

320 Selwyn Roper SVM

320 Michael Free VM
42 310 Alexa McAuley OW

310 Mark Rivers VM
44 300 Barbara Hill OW

300 Brett Sewell OM

300 Peter Marshall VM

300 Robin Stacey OM

300 Sue Login

300 John Brayan VM

300 Marie Doke VW
51 290 Robin Cameron VW

290 Gary Farebrother OM

290 David Cameron OM

290 Andy Graham VM

290 Ted Mulherin MM

290 Martin Canova OM

290 Ian Miller SVM
58 280 Peter Garran VM

280 Jacqui Matthews OW

280 Ula Wiszniewski

280 Nils Bown OM

280 Chris Schulz OM

280 Arya Koyeas

280 Shawn Locke

280 Mark Von Huben OM

280 Simon Boland OM

280 Terry Bluett SVM

280 Sean McCormack OM
69 270 Gill Fowler OW

270 Teemu Leppanen

270 Matt Peters VM

270 Lynda Body OW

270 Ernest Windschuttel SVM

270 David Bowerman SVM

270 Paul Harvey OM

270 David Kricker OM

270 Jason Davey OM

270 Walter Kelemen VM

270 Sue Clarke VW
80 260 Russell Taylor VM

260 Peter McConaghy OM

260 John Davis

260 Adrienne Kempney OW
84 250 Andrew Perry OM

250 Rod Eckels VM

250 Wayne Pepper OM

250 Robert Herkes JM

250 Michael Halmy VM

250 Bruce Perry

250 Tim Cox SVM

250 Warren & Cameron Cole Group

250 Lloyd Gledhill MM

250 Andrew Wallbank

250 Roger Butler OM

250 Caitlin Anderson OW

250 Andrew Goddard OM

250 Darren Slattery OM

250 Matt Hackett OM
99 240 Anna White OW

240 Susan Kitchener

240 Nicole Sellin OW

240 Simon Nott VM
103 230 Philip Harding

230 Ian Jessup VM

230 Mark Brindley OM

230 Al Thompson OM

230 Rachel Grindlay OW

230 Matthew Davis

230 Sue Davis OW

230 James Stuart VM

230 Philip Ellis

230 Debbie Byers VW

230 Jim Forbes SVM

230 Chris Stevenson VM

230 Brian Stirk

230 Jim Carter OM
117 220 Peter Thomason VM

220 Ken Jacobson SVM

220 Deborah Noble JW

220 Jason Gleadhill OM

220 Sophie White

220 Carol Jacobson SVW

220 Peter Henry OM

220 Tony Williamson OM
125 210 Meagan Mottram OW

210 Melvyn Cox VM

210 Jillian Garne

210 David Stitt SVM

210 Bob Morgan OM

210 Ralph Scott OM

210 Daniel Hill JM

210 David Catterall OM
133 200 Carolyn Haupt OW

200 Colin Richardson SVM

200 Greg Nibbs VM

200 Kit Wong OW

200 Ian Spencer

200 Michael Roylance VM

200 John Giles SVM

200 Yarnell + Wong Group

200 Adam Halmy

200 David Dash SVM
143 190 William Kennedy JM

190 Carmel Wilkinson OW

190 Alex Kingston OM

190 Hollie Kennedy JW

190 Elizabeth Bulman OW

190 Clare Murphy OW
149 180 Angela Hordicek & Steve Zadro Group

180 Bethany & Roslyn Halmy Group

180 Nerise McQuillan OW

180 Heiko Schaefer MM

180 Alex Dillon JM

180 Steve Holloway VM

180 Michael Weller

180 Ellen Lynga
157 170 Matt Pitcher OM

170 Andrew Wisniewski VM

170 Jill Woodruff OW

170 Melissa Davet

170 Chris Curtin OW

170 A V-Wells

170 Steve Lewis OM

170 Cameron Schmelitscher

170 Alan Tilley SVM
166 160 Barry Cole MM

160 Anne Darvodelsky VW

160 Anne Wilcox

160 Cheryl Bluett SVW

160 Peter & Jon Chang, Dennis Lin Group
171 150 Michael Hatton

150 Christie Sym

150 Edwina Hatch OW

150 Marcelle Gannon OW

150 Alexa Troedson OW

150 Louis, Connor & Cedric Group

150 Ruth Jacka OW

150 Dale Matthews
179 140 Don Burnett MM

140 Robyn, Joscelyn and Vivienne Russell Group

140 Sarah, Joe, Greg, Liam, Max, Nicholas, Mary Anne D'Arcy Group

140 Peter Chan

140 Luke Freeman
184 130 Sue Thomson SVW

130 Fergus Dixon VM
186 120 Marie Selwyn

120 Chris & Melissa Annetts Group

120 Tony Carr OM

120 Megan Farebrother OW

120 Paul & Julie Davis Group

120 David Woolridge
192 110 Christopher Lin & Alice Chuang Group

110 Zoe Pelbart

110 Alice Cheryl Pester, Alison Woolgar Group

110 Justine Brindley OW
196 90 Madeleine Kyng

90 Brian Johnson MM
198 70 Helena Ferrier

70 M Hauber Davidson

70 G Hauber Davidson

70 Andy Arthurs
202 60 Anne McGuire & Matthew Powell Group
203 50 Therese Powell VW
204 40 Bev Johnson SVW

40 Miriam Defraine OW
206 -10 Adam Thomson & Sandy Ludman Group

-10 Richard & Laurence Shaw Group
208 -40 Dean & Hugh Gingell Group
209 -70 Lesley & Heather Cox Group
News Summary
Summer Series Sportident Workshop - follow-up Wednesday, 14 September 2011 Following two trials of SportIdent at SSS, and preceding the final Big Foot event of last season, Big Foot ran a work-shop on how it works. Here are some follow-up notes. (Re-published due to repeated requests for some of this info).
NSW Long Championships Results Monday, 12 September 2011 They came, they shivered, some conquered, some conked out. Thanks to everyone who came. We had fun, even those who camped, we hope you did. Congratulations to all the winners.
Metro League 3, Appin Sunday, 29 May 2011 Results and splits of Metro League 3.
MetroLeague 1, Harrington Park Monday, 21 March 2011 Through hell and high-water
Sydney Sprint Series #10, Callan Park Monday, 7 March 2011 The last event of the series and Andy Hill finished the series with yet another win on what was a long sprint. Another quality map and a great course from Helen Murphy and the Uringa crew.
Sydney Sprint Series #9, DADHC Parramatta Tuesday, 1 March 2011 SHOO staged round 9 of the Sydney Sprint Series on a newly reworked map. Having the mapper, Lyn Malmgron, plan was a great idea as she extracted the best from a small area.
Summer Series 21, 2010/2011 - Results, Splits, Routegadget Wednesday, 23 February 2011 Great planning by Gill Fowler, despite the sudden unavailability of the Showground. If you are looking for more of Gill's work, check out the NSWRA mini-rogaine (3 hours)coming up on 20th March and timed so that you could also run Metro League.
St Valentine's Day Massacre ! Tuesday, 15 February 2011 Carnage was the winner at the Valentine's Day Sprint-O as seven runners fell for "dummy controls".
Sydney Sprint Series #7, Olympic Park, Homebush Bay Monday, 14 February 2011 Andy Hill made it two wins in a row on Sue Davis' Sydney Olympic Park course, overhauling Ian Meyer at the 12th of 14 controls, whilst Matthew Hill flew the flag for the juniors after a slow start. Fastest woman was Kiwi rep Amber Morrison, beating Big Foot's Cath Chalmers by almost two minutes.
Sydney Sprint Series #2, 2011 - Bicentennial Park, Homebush Bay Monday, 10 January 2011 A short first control threw a few competitors minds at the start of the 3.2km sprint course. Planner Mark Shingler was delighted to see Josh Blatchford win the event in a little over 15 minutes, whilst Catherine Murphy (18:46) led home such a large pack of women, the guys will be asking for shorter courses.
Summer Series 14, 2010/2011 - Results Wednesday, 5 January 2011 Thanks to Saint Ignatius' College, Riveview for giving planner David Gatwood great access for this event. David made great use of the privilege and set a cracking course.
Orienteering - what's that about then ? (video) Friday, 17 December 2010 For those stumbling onto this site in pursuit of enlightenment, or anyone who wants to see what you wear orienteering in a cold climate, watch this excellent BBC video (thanks Mark S for the tip-off)
Summer Series 10, 2010 - Results Wednesday, 8 December 2010 **Update - RouteGadget is now available for this event*** Thanks to Debbie for planning, and all the Big Feet helpers. Congratulations to everyone who used SportIdent for the first time without problem. Special mention to the two competitors who swapped SI sticks on the way around the course (despite the fact that they were different colours) - that really challenged the results team.
Summer Series 10, 2010 - Splits Wednesday, 8 December 2010 Summer series number 10 of the 2010 season was an all-electronic affair with the club using SportIdent for the first time. For those Summer Series fanatics who really want to see split times, here they are.
Gill Fowler wins World Rogaine champs as Mounty fixes mispunch blues Saturday, 27 November 2010 Gill Fowler, recruited by Big Foot number-cruncher Andrew Lumsden won the women's division of the World Rogaine champs last weekend competing with Alexa McAuley. Ahead of Gill, but competing in the mens division, Richard Mountstephens and partner Dennis de Monchy finished 13th.
Sprints: Stewards enquiry & results Sunday, 31 October 2010 Note that Tracy Marsh was declared winner on the day in the women's division, just pipping Lisa Grant in an unedifying brawl which also involved known trouble-maker (and Tracy's husband) Paul Marsh. Since Big Foot Sprints is a first-past the line event, and (the last I saw) the giant Toblerone was no longer so giant, the prizes stay. However the table of record will show that the race was a tie.
Big Foot Sprints Sunday, 31 October 2010 Thanks to everyone for coming. Splits are now available. Consolidated results to come.
Live Results from Big Foot Sprints Friday, 29 October 2010 Big Foot Sprints results should be going live to the web
Big Foot to stage first Summer Series with electronic punching Friday, 15 October 2010 Big Foot are going to attempt to run a Summer Series race using the SportIdent electronic punching as a trial for OANSW.
Silver and Bronze for Big Foot men at Australian Champs Sunday, 10 October 2010 Paul Marsh and Eoin Rothery pick up the honours for Big Foot at the Australian champs in South Australia. Steady results all round from the rest of the Big Foot contingent with Debbie Byers and Tracy Marsh also close to getting their hands on a cloth badge