New O suits & shirts

We now have some design ideas from Dirty D to get our heads around.

Check them out here - there is an option to go for a skeleton type design as well as a more conventional model.

Jock, Wiz and Andrew model the old (top), the Skeleton look and the current suits:

Old and new

Existing Stock

Need some of that fancy Big Foot O-gear ?

Simon at WMOC Sprint final Simon says: "Yes !"

Current stock of O-Suit top & bottoms is:

 Size  Tops  Bottoms As used by
 Kids 160
 1  1  
 XS  3  3  
 S  1  1  
 M  0 1
 Alexa (top)
 L  0  0  Alexa (bottom), Andy (top)
 XL  1  2  Andy (bottom)
 XXL  0  1  



Pricing: $40 tops, $35 for bottoms

Contact Mark Shingler if you want to buy new gear.

If you have old gear that is no longer in use (particularly for kids), feel free to let Andy Simpson know and we'll add a list of available re-tread threads.