Results for Metro League 2007 #3

Friday, 29 June 2007

Red 3.0 km

1Mike BurtonBFN0:26:04
2Adrian WhiteWHO0:27:24
3Tracey BluettBFN0:28:59
4Aaron Simson-WoodsURN0:29:03
5John HavranekGON0:29:30
6Paul MarshBFN0:29:31
7Peter AnnettsGON0:29:42
8Seb FroudeIKN0:30:29
9Nick WilmottURN0:30:40
10Wayne EliotURN0:31:18
11Rex PowellWHO0:31:32
12Mark ShinglerBFN0:31:37
13Rob ChapmanWHO0:32:59
14Ant BurnettBFN0:34:23
15Gordon WilsonBNN0:34:36
16Barbara HillGON0:34:37
17Terry BluettBNN0:34:38
18Joel HaasdykGON0:35:09
19Colin HumphriesWHO0:35:29
20Ross BarrGON0:36:39
21Keith JayIKN0:38:00
22Ian FroudeIKN0:39:00
23Wayne PepperBNN0:39:09
24David McKennaURN0:39:42
25Brendan Hatton
26Melvin CoxBNN0:47:17
27Richard LaneIKN0:53:15
28Huon Wilson
29Rod EckelsGON1:01:25
30Larry WeissGON1:14:30
31Kevin SzetoURN1:19:13
32Kerry Xu
33Carolyn Davies / Jacqueline Hyslop

Barbara Junghans

Peter ShepherdIKN

Orange 2.5 km

1Mark FreemanBFN0:21:03
2Richard LauderBFN0:23:13
3Chris SchmidWHN0:23:33
4Dave LottyURN0:24:46
5Matt HacketWHN0:25:07
6John BaileyWHN0:25:40
7Andrew LumsdenBFN0:26:08
8Rick SteeleURN0:26:36
9Tony HillGON0:27:30
10Ron JunghansGON0:27:50
11Stephen WagnerSHN0:29:09
12Matt PetersURN0:29:10
13Selwyn RoperWHN0:29:34
14Samuel TsangBNN0:29:45
15Peter McConaghyGON0:29:45
16Rodney ParkinBNN0:29:46
17Michael HalmyBNN0:29:49
18Christine CurtinBNN0:29:58
19Andy GrahamGON0:30:11
20Dick OgilvieURN0:30:30
21Tim ChiltonWHN0:30:40
22Clare MurphyURN0:31:54
23Alexa TroedsonBFN0:32:18
24Brian CarterSHN0:33:00
25Garry StewartSHN0:33:11
26Tony WilliamsonBNN0:33:14
27Vicki StittGON0:35:11
28John RussellSHN0:38:25
29Sue DavisBFN0:51:03

Orange 2.2km

1Terry MurphyURN0:25:02
2Ken JacobsonGON0:25:53
3Marie RingerWHN0:27:02
4John FullerURN0:27:07
5Tim LawleyKNN0:27:11
6Robert SpryBNN0:27:38
7Alex LeggKNN0:27:43
8Ian MillerWHN0:27:50
9Mark LawleyKNN0:27:55
10Matt HillGON0:28:00
11Judi HayBNN0:28:40
12Declan StokesKNN0:28:50
13Duncan MossKNN0:29:25
14Jim ForbesGON0:30:32
15Marianne FroudeIKO0:30:37
16David BowermanGON0:30:50
17Bruce DawkinsBNN0:31:32
18Melissa CarinsGON0:31:45
19Karin HefftnerGON0:31:45
20Ted MulherinWHN0:31:46
21Barry FieldIKO0:33:20
22Sarah GarnettURN0:33:35
23Sue FroudeIKO0:34:05
24David StittGON0:34:22
25Mike HooppellBNN0:34:27
26John AndersonGON0:35:10
27Michele DawsonGON0:35:49
28Jan SargoodURN0:36:22
29Tim SchmidWHN0:38:10
30Osric Van AggeleBNN0:42:43
31Steve HollowagWHN0:43:53
32Russell TaylorGON0:52:43

Barry PearceIKO

Orange 2.0km

1Jim MerchantGON0:19:46
2Tim CoxGON0:25:52
3Mark BrindleyGON0:26:34
4Carol JacobsonGON0:29:15
5Peter MeyerSHN0:31:04
6Barry HanlonWHN0:31:37
7Stephen PriestWHN0:32:48
8Angela MurrayURN0:32:59
9Sue DavisSHN0:33:11
10Gayle ShepherdURN0:33:16
11Maureen OgilvieURN0:34:15
12Jim WellsGON0:36:23
13Dennis SparlingGON0:36:31
14Anne StewartGON0:36:37
15Pam WithnallWHN0:37:58
16Neville FathersSHN0:41:20
17Lyn MalmgronSHN0:41:40
18Janet MorrisWHN0:42:50
19Mal StewartGON0:43:50
20Chris CraneWHN0:44:56
21Daniel HillGON0:45:51
22Sue ThomsonGON0:47:06
23Bev JohnsonGON0:54:21
24Brian JohnsonGON0:57:14
25Barbara DawsonGON0:58:45
26Ernest WindschuttelGON1:00:51
27Aidan DawsonGON1:03:53
28Andrew WoodSHN1:27:02

Sophie PetersURN

Green 1.7 km

1Melissa SelbyGON0:15:55
2Justine BrindleyGON0:28:30

Blue 1.4km

1Rebecca George / Rachel OsborneBFN0:27:16
2Sam HavranekGON0:31:15
News Summary
Summer Series Sportident Workshop - follow-up Wednesday, 14 September 2011 Following two trials of SportIdent at SSS, and preceding the final Big Foot event of last season, Big Foot ran a work-shop on how it works. Here are some follow-up notes. (Re-published due to repeated requests for some of this info).
NSW Long Championships Results Monday, 12 September 2011 They came, they shivered, some conquered, some conked out. Thanks to everyone who came. We had fun, even those who camped, we hope you did. Congratulations to all the winners.
Metro League 3, Appin Sunday, 29 May 2011 Results and splits of Metro League 3.
MetroLeague 1, Harrington Park Monday, 21 March 2011 Through hell and high-water
Sydney Sprint Series #10, Callan Park Monday, 7 March 2011 The last event of the series and Andy Hill finished the series with yet another win on what was a long sprint. Another quality map and a great course from Helen Murphy and the Uringa crew.
Sydney Sprint Series #9, DADHC Parramatta Tuesday, 1 March 2011 SHOO staged round 9 of the Sydney Sprint Series on a newly reworked map. Having the mapper, Lyn Malmgron, plan was a great idea as she extracted the best from a small area.
Summer Series 21, 2010/2011 - Results, Splits, Routegadget Wednesday, 23 February 2011 Great planning by Gill Fowler, despite the sudden unavailability of the Showground. If you are looking for more of Gill's work, check out the NSWRA mini-rogaine (3 hours)coming up on 20th March and timed so that you could also run Metro League.
St Valentine's Day Massacre ! Tuesday, 15 February 2011 Carnage was the winner at the Valentine's Day Sprint-O as seven runners fell for "dummy controls".
Sydney Sprint Series #7, Olympic Park, Homebush Bay Monday, 14 February 2011 Andy Hill made it two wins in a row on Sue Davis' Sydney Olympic Park course, overhauling Ian Meyer at the 12th of 14 controls, whilst Matthew Hill flew the flag for the juniors after a slow start. Fastest woman was Kiwi rep Amber Morrison, beating Big Foot's Cath Chalmers by almost two minutes.
Sydney Sprint Series #2, 2011 - Bicentennial Park, Homebush Bay Monday, 10 January 2011 A short first control threw a few competitors minds at the start of the 3.2km sprint course. Planner Mark Shingler was delighted to see Josh Blatchford win the event in a little over 15 minutes, whilst Catherine Murphy (18:46) led home such a large pack of women, the guys will be asking for shorter courses.
Summer Series 14, 2010/2011 - Results Wednesday, 5 January 2011 Thanks to Saint Ignatius' College, Riveview for giving planner David Gatwood great access for this event. David made great use of the privilege and set a cracking course.
Orienteering - what's that about then ? (video) Friday, 17 December 2010 For those stumbling onto this site in pursuit of enlightenment, or anyone who wants to see what you wear orienteering in a cold climate, watch this excellent BBC video (thanks Mark S for the tip-off)
Summer Series 10, 2010 - Results Wednesday, 8 December 2010 **Update - RouteGadget is now available for this event*** Thanks to Debbie for planning, and all the Big Feet helpers. Congratulations to everyone who used SportIdent for the first time without problem. Special mention to the two competitors who swapped SI sticks on the way around the course (despite the fact that they were different colours) - that really challenged the results team.
Summer Series 10, 2010 - Splits Wednesday, 8 December 2010 Summer series number 10 of the 2010 season was an all-electronic affair with the club using SportIdent for the first time. For those Summer Series fanatics who really want to see split times, here they are.
Gill Fowler wins World Rogaine champs as Mounty fixes mispunch blues Saturday, 27 November 2010 Gill Fowler, recruited by Big Foot number-cruncher Andrew Lumsden won the women's division of the World Rogaine champs last weekend competing with Alexa McAuley. Ahead of Gill, but competing in the mens division, Richard Mountstephens and partner Dennis de Monchy finished 13th.
Sprints: Stewards enquiry & results Sunday, 31 October 2010 Note that Tracy Marsh was declared winner on the day in the women's division, just pipping Lisa Grant in an unedifying brawl which also involved known trouble-maker (and Tracy's husband) Paul Marsh. Since Big Foot Sprints is a first-past the line event, and (the last I saw) the giant Toblerone was no longer so giant, the prizes stay. However the table of record will show that the race was a tie.
Big Foot Sprints Sunday, 31 October 2010 Thanks to everyone for coming. Splits are now available. Consolidated results to come.
Live Results from Big Foot Sprints Friday, 29 October 2010 Big Foot Sprints results should be going live to the web
Big Foot to stage first Summer Series with electronic punching Friday, 15 October 2010 Big Foot are going to attempt to run a Summer Series race using the SportIdent electronic punching as a trial for OANSW.
Silver and Bronze for Big Foot men at Australian Champs Sunday, 10 October 2010 Paul Marsh and Eoin Rothery pick up the honours for Big Foot at the Australian champs in South Australia. Steady results all round from the rest of the Big Foot contingent with Debbie Byers and Tracy Marsh also close to getting their hands on a cloth badge